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All my three grandchildren have attended Tadika Sri Puncak. My two older grandchildren graduated from TSP and now the youngest one is attending the 5 year old class. My two older grandchildren seem to be able to adapt very well in Chinese primary school. Besides, I love the double gated security and the ease of parking, this makes my daily chauffeuring job a lot easier!

Grandpa, Yi Yan


Our first impression of the school’s staff is PROFESSIONALISM and DEDICATION. When we spoke to the Headmistress Ms Sophie, she explained about the school’s concept of providing conducive environment for the children to study and grow without stress but joy.  Shahira’s class teachers, Ms Sam and Ms Siti encouraged and supported our daughter extremely well. They gave her comfort and confidence that within few months of her stay, we could see tremendous change in her attitude and aptness. We were very pleased to no end. Her reading ability grew exponentially under the expert tuition rendered by Ms Mahirah. Nowadays we could see her reading books, asking us to buy more books and as her interest grew so is her desire to learn new things.

We are now sending her younger sister Safina to Taclika Sri Puncak. We knew that she is in good hands. Well done Tadika Sri Puncak!

Capt Yahaya Othman & Puan Rika Estriana


I have been looking for good schools around Kajang for Ezekiel – one that provides elements as your’s. Thank you for providing such learning environment for my son.

Ling Siew Woei


We have our concern initially, guess this applies to most anxious parents no matter which school they send their children to. But all these uncertainty were chipping away the moment we notice our children growth in term of their emotional and social abilities as they journey their learning years with Tadika Sri Puncak.

Rebecca Chong


Our daughter now in a Chinese National school doing fine in her education, sports and others school activities. Her early vital years with Puncak had helped her immensely. Tadika Sri Puncak prepared her to be whoever she likes to be. Emotionally & socially she is competent.

Simon Chong


Our son is totally different from Rebecca. He is rather slow in his language maturity, continually testing us as parent. I understand that he is special and Tadika Sri Puncak’s environment and learning cultures does enable him to grow at his own pace, for that we were thankful. We were very concern but somehow even with his shortcoming he still able to be normal kid doing what kid does. It is fine if he slow. We learn to adapt to his pace and not pushing him to catch up with ours.

We are proud to be a part of this wonderful school and after 8 beautiful years, going through as panic-stricken parents to a now slightly calmer human being, we like to apologies for those moments that we over react when we were at lost as what to do with our children. We also like to express our gratitude to all the teachers, Principal and teachers like Ms Kamala for all their patience and love which made this school a place to love, to learn.

We know that short notes of thankfulness like this will never do justice to all the love and emotional labor the teachers, Principal and helper have invested on our children.

We would not for any moment hesitate to share this school with any parents who cares about their children emotional, social and intellectual growth. May Peace and Love always be with you all.

Simon & Rebecca


Three years school life of my daughter Mahafarid Kazemi in Tadika Sri Puncak had ended and I want to use this opportunity to express my deep thanks to you and your valuable teachers especially Ms. Annie, Ms. Ee and Ms. Siti to handle my child during this time. Three years ago I gave you a 3 years old – a shy and crying girl with my pressed heart who did not speak any current language of this country. Now you give me a happy and self-confident talkative English speaker who understand basic Malay and Chinese. We are very happy off her progress in socialization and acceptance of a new culture other than her motherland.

Hereby me and family are telling you we owe you a lot and we wish you the best in your life. Thank you so much for everything.

Vida Samiei


I can’t thank you enough for all your support to help Hora Khandagh Abadi to meet the challenges during her study at Tadika Sri Puncak. You have been so patient and understanding as you’ve guided my daughter through all the tough time she needs. You never gave up on her, whether it was math-related stubbornness or friend-related drama!

We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating my daughter. No words can replace of my sincere thanks to you. For last but not least, I created a poem especially for you.
Now it’s come for her graduate,

I am a proud father, and that is great,
You’ve done your job, and we’re so proud,
We want to dance and shout out loud!
We will never forget your Great job!

Dr Majid Khandagh


Dr. Lilly and I, parents of your former student Danial Shariat, were very proud to be informed that our son was awarded “Most Artistic Award” along with his graduation certificate.

It is just appropriate to mention that currently Danial is enrolled in Year One at Sri Chempaka International School, and doing exceptionally well, which we attribute to the strong foundation that was gained during his time at Sri Puncak.

The high level of commitment, displayed by yourself and the staff, with special mention of “Aunty Sam”, guided our son through his best year plus, where the roots of discipline, responsibility, and social manners, were implanted, in a very professional, and amiable form.

Our deepest thanks and gratitude to your wonderful organization, staffed with the best, striving for the ultimate. May God keep you on this path forever. Amen.

Jaffer Shariat
Dr. Lilly Shariat