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Sensory Exploration

From birth, children are exploring their senses and processing new information. They begin to make sense of the world around them as they grow through the exploration of new textures, materials, and resources.

We engaged our little toddlers to explore our surrounding environment by walking barefoot on the grass to stimulate their senses and to allow them to receive feedback from the ground when they walk barefoot. It will improve their proprioception (awareness of their body in space).

Allowing children to explore nature will raise awareness and increasing the child’s sensitivity to their senses. They start to take notice in colors, appreciate the scent of flowers, the sound of passing vehicles, the rooster crowing, auntie cutting vegetables and children laughing and all these sensory plays is a valuable way of engaging children in activities that will heighten their senses and enrich their learning.

“They do not need any gadget in learning, they only need the freedom to explore and this exploration will feed their curiosity, widen their learning horizon and the happiness in the process of discovery.”😉

🐛2020 1st quarter week 9

🐛toddler class


从出生开始,孩子们就不断地探索自己的感觉系统并处理新信息。 通过探索新的纹理,材料和资源,它们在成长过程中开始了解周围的世界。

我们与幼儿一起在草地上赤脚行走,以激发他们的感官知觉,并让他们赤脚行走时,与地面所接收的种种讯息反馈,从而了解周围的环境。 这将改善他们的本体感觉,促进对自己身体在空间中的感知。



🐛2020 第一季度 第9周

🐛毛毛虫 幼儿班