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Why use glassware in Practical Life lessons?

Hot water, Milo powder, measuring cup, teaspoon and an elegant set of saucer and cup. The setup of these items on the table excites children in the class, as they know they will get to make themselves a nice cup of Milo drink soon.

“First, you put the cup on the saucer. Then, add two teaspoon of Milo……” Teacher carefully picks up each item and introduce the use and purpose, then patiently show and guide children the steps to make a cup of Milo drink. The classroom is filled with children’s laughter of joy as they celebrate the success of making themselves a drink.  

If a child accidentally breaks a glassware during the process, he will be asked to stand aside and observe how teacher calmly clean away the broken pieces. Although this would not be a desired outcome, but we would like the children to develop a sense on how to keep calm under pressure and solve problems. 

Speaking from my teaching experience, the risk of a child breaking glassware during classes is very low as long as they are educated, guided and given the platform to practise handling of fragile items.





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