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Colour tablet box 3 helps children identify the different shades of 9 colours, sparking their interest in different methods of differentiation and arrangement.

While a child works, his peers watch and compare by his side…

As onlookers, the other children are able to detect any mistakes quickly. If they find that the arrangement of colour gradient is not right, they will remind each other: “What do you think? Are you sure?” This activity is a great opportunity for children to learn through careful observation and to help each other in a respectful and loving way.

While working attentively at bean-sorting, a new student overturned his bowl and spilt all the red beans on the ground!

One of the children observed that the red beans too had different shades of red.

Soon, the children began to arrange and compare each red bean by its shade.

In the learning environment of the classroom, children often discover pleasant surprises through the challenges and interaction with friends.

By joining forces, they are able to focus together in analyzing and distinguishing the small details in life.

The essence of children’s learning does not lie in the results but in all the discoveries they make along the way. These discoveries are not possible without careful observation, therefore encouraging children to work with more focus.

Equipped with the foundation of concentration, training in meticulous observation skills and continued interest through self-discovery, children can exercise perseverance and willpower.

This training in fundamental skills takes continuous work but promises long term success.

We are extremely glad to observe it’s realisation today!