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These stories feature messages about recycling, the beauty of nature, environmental activism and more.

As climate-related disasters continue to make headlines, parents today are understandably concerned with raising kids who care about the environment. There are many ways to teach children to take care of the planet, and one simple yet powerful approach is through books.

Countless children’s books offer meaningful messages about nature, recycling, environmental activism and more. We’ve rounded up a sample of 25. Keep scrolling for a selection of books that feature themes of environmental conservation.

1)”The Watcher”

This picture book biography traces Jane Goodall’s life from her childhood in the U.K. to her years studying chimpanzees in Tanzania to her environmental advocacy. (Available here)

2)“Don’t Let Them Disappear”
Chelsea Clinton’s “Don’t Let Them Disappear” details 12 species of endangered animals around the world and shares ways to help prevent their extinction. (Available here)
3“Bee & Me”

Young readers learn about the importance of bees in our ecosystem in “Bee & Me.” (Available here)
4)“10 Things I Can Do to Help My World”
“10 Things I Can Do to Help My World” shares simple everyday tips for kids who care for the planet. (Available here)
5)“The Water Princess”
Based on model Georgie Badiel’s childhood, “The Water Princess” follows a young girl who wants to bring potable drinking water to her West African community. (Available here)
6) “Green”

This Caldecott Honor book is a tribute to the color green and its various shades in our natural world. (Available here)

7)“The Great Kapok Tree”

Set in the Amazon rainforest, “The Great Kapok Tree” emphasizes the importance of trees to the health of the environment. (Available here)
8)”Compost Stew”
This alphabet book offers a child-friendly explanation of composting. (Available here)
9)”Touch The Earth”
“Touch The Earth” is the first in a series of three environmental-themed children’s books from John Lennon’s son Julian. (Available here)
10)”Kenya’s Art”
The title character draws inspiration from a museum recycling exhibit and transforms old, broken toys and other items into art. (Available here)
11)”Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World”
Pioneering environmentalist and “Silent Spring” author Rachel Carson is the subject of this picture book biography. (Available here)
12)”Miss Maple’s Seeds”
This New York Times bestseller is about a little woman who gathers abandoned seeds and nurtures them into beautiful plants. (Available here)
13)” Follow The Moon Home”
“Follow The Moon Home” shows how young people can make a difference through determination and teamwork. (Available here)
14)”Kate, Who Tamed the Wind”
This rhythmic book follows a girl who finds an environmentally friendly solution to a problem. (Available here)
15)”One Love”
Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella adapted his famous song into a children’s book about the power of community. (Available here)
16)”Seeds of Change”
“Seeds Of Change” details the life of the famous Kenyan environmental activist Wangarĩ Maathai. (Available here)
17)”Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree”
This installment in the Red Knit Cap Girl series is about a special relationship with an ordinary tree. (Available here)
18)”The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle”
This glimpse into the life of a plastic bottle offers a valuable lesson about recycling. (Available here)
19)”City Green”
“City Green” is about a girl’s efforts to plant a garden and create an urban oasis in her community. (Available here)
20)”The Lonely Polar Bear”
This book about a polar bear in the arctic introduces kids to climate change issues in a gentle way. (Available here)
21)”George Saves the World by Lunchtime”
In this story, a boy named George learns the power of recycling at the suggestion of his grandfather. (Available here)
22)”Grandpa’s Garden”
The protagonist of this story experiences the magic of gardening and watching fruits and vegetables grow. (Available here)
23)”We Planted a Tree”
Two families in different parts of the world plant each plant a tree in this poetic book. (Available here)
24)”One Plastic Bag”
Activist Isatou Ceesay is the subject of this book about the recycling efforts in the Gambia. (Available here)
25)”One World”
“One World” illustrates concerns about pollution through the story of siblings spending a day at the seashore. (Available here)