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Freedom to Discover:Shadow

“I see your shadow! I want to step on your shadow! Shouted a girl pointing at my shadow. Her discovery awakens the quiet morning and her excitement brings joy to the observer. She ran towards my shadow and I purposely move away. She stops and observes my movement and she said:” eh, where is your shadow?” As I slowly move towards the sunlight, she points at my shadow again. Her laughter and excitement continue until she realized “no shadow because of no sunlight!” Playing with the shadow is sometimes every child’s enjoy the most, however, to discover the reason behind the shadow required excellent observation and curiosity of the child.







她朝我的影子跑去,我故意移开到陰暗的角落。小女孩顿时停了下来。 观察着我的动作,她不解地问说:“嗯,你的影子在哪里?”


一直到她意识到“没有阳光,就没有影子!” 发现了这个神奇的发现,即可让她欢乐无限!