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Chinese New Year is around the corner. Family and friends gathering is a highlight of CNY. Have you ever encountered a situation where your little one is too shy to greet uncles and aunties during the gathering? 

Then, you would probably feeling embarrassed and say “Come, faster call uncle auntie! Don’t be a rude kid”. But did you know this statement is actually doing more harm than good? Your shy little one is already feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed with the presence of so many strangers. And now, daddy mommy made such a remark, it’s like rubbing salt into would. Ouch!
Many parents would wonder why your child turn into a shy little kid in public places, but when they are at home, you want to find their “mute button”, whenever they cannot stop shouting, running, singing and dancing. 
So what’s going on now? What can you do to support your child to overcome this strange moment (too shy to greet uncles aunties)?
I would normally say “Oh my child is not ready, when he’s ready, he will say hello to Aunty”.
In fact, introvert children do not feel shy all the time, they are normally shy when they are surrounded by many strangers or trying to get used to novelty. 
We all know that no two men are the same. Introverts are usually express less of their own opinion, quiet and obedient. They need longer time to adapt to new changes, so they usually go unnoticed and might have lost opportunities because they don’t like direct confrontation. My key message for parents with introvert children is, take note of your children’s feelings, you play a massive part in helping your children to build confidence to adapt better and faster.
Parents are responsible for a child’s behaviour. How you educate and raise your children have a long lasting impact to the formation of their personality and value system. If your children are receiving positive influence from home and school, then your children are on the right path to live a positive life.

甚至有些长辈会批评孩子, 为什么不会叫人,这么没礼貌!这只会让孩子的伤口上再撒一把盐,自我形象将变得更弱小。