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Gardening, a key Montessori activity to build children’s fundamental understanding of mother nature. Children connect with the beauty of nature learn through various indoor and outdoor educational activities. They will learn about the plant species, caring methods and understanding animal and plant habitats. It is also a fun bonding time for our teachers and children as they get away from the usual learning settings.

当孩子们还在幼儿期,蒙特梭利文化课程内包函的园艺活动,将外在的世界带给孩子们,让小朋友透过参与、栽种、学习照顾与佈置室内和室外绿色植物, 让孩子们欣赏、感受大自然与我们的联系。此外,在室内外照顾植物也将培育美学意义,了解植物生态环境,让孩子们有机会更贴近大自然。


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