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❤️ A reflection of recent GE14 election… This is probably the first time ever, so many Malaysians cared so much for the election in our country’s history. And this is also the first time ever, our young kindergarten children learned and talked about politics (at their understanding level).

I’m making a memory collection of interesting remarks by our lovely students.

🍀Why flags are put up everywhere? What’s the purpose of these flags?

🍀What are the differences between the (political parties) flags?

🍀I’m also a Malaysian like you (teacher)! Why can’t I cast my vote? Only adults can cast a vote?

Teacher’s explanation: The legal age to cast a vote as a Malaysian citizen is 21 years old. You can then follow your thoughts to choose your preferred political party. Do remember to register to be a voter once you turn 21 ya.

🍀My daddy is going to vote for “Blue Eyed” party, we need to choose a better government for better future.

🍀My mom is going to vote for the “Blue Balance” party. Let’s give them a chance to fix our problems and continue to make Malaysia a great country.

🎈Civic Education 101: Election Course Design

Riding on the post GE14 election fever, the TSP teachers designed a simple Civic Education to teach the concept of election to our students. This program aims to give our children a real voter experience to understand how an election works. Teachers explain the importance of every single vote and the vote-casting procedures.

🎈The Practice

Children were trained to draw a proper cross in the given box on the voting sheet. They were asked to practice the cross drawing at home with parents. Some children practiced a few times and got nervous!

During the preliminary selection, some children were happy some were not. There was a little girl told me that “I know many people selected me, but more people chose Vincy, so I cannot be a final contestant, but Ms Sophie did you know that I also voted for Vincy? Because she has helped me many times”

🍀”I practiced for so many times, I’m not shy anymore, everyone is cheering for me so I’m really happy”

🍀I asked one of the young children, who did she vote as a contestant?

She secretly told me that it’s a secret, so she can’t tell me. This really left me speechless.

🍀”Oh my goodness, election only happen every 5 years? I’d be going to primary school by then.”

🍀When the preliminary selection was over, a little girl found out that her friend did not vote for her. She told her friend that, did you know that I can also be helpful like our friend, please vote for me on the actual day ya!

🎈The Election: Helpful Leader of TSP

Classroom was decorated like a polling station. Children were asked to follow instruction to line up, cast their vote to choose their leader.

🍀A little girl approached me nervously and said “What shall I do? I’m sweating, is my hair messy?” I asked her to drink some water and calm down, and wiped off her sweat, and told her to stay calm. This shows how serious this little girl is.

🍀As the result was announced, only one leader was chosen. I noticed that some final contestants were disappointed. So I changed my strategy to invite all contestants to join me on the stage, and explained the purpose of this exercise and most importantly, a lesson on “Be helpful”. I hope that all TSP children can play their part to create and maintain a good learning environment and always be helpful to others, to make a more loving society.

🎈Post Election: Feedback from Parents

🍀A little boy was not selected as the leader, he was optimistic to tell his mother that it’s okay not to win the election, he could support the leader Sophia.

🍀Children showed their inked (with inai) finger to their family that they participated in an election.

🍀Children gave parents a lesson on how to draw a proper cross, such as “the cross cannot be too big or too small, it has to be just right”

🍀Generally, they understand that the election was meant to identify a “Helpful” role model, that can show examples and lead other children to make TSP a loving community.

🍀”I voted for Koh Xuen as she is my best friend and always help me, she’s very beautiful too!”

🍀”Our new leader is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, old leader is Najib.” If a leader cannot perform, he/she will then be replaced.

🍀”Now I realised the importance of language. Apart from mandarin, English and Bahasa, how do I say thank you in Cantonese?”

🌈In summary, more work need to be done to help children below the age of 5 to understand the purpose of this exercise. Like a popular saying, people need to be told more than 7 times to understand and remember a new learning, we will do our best to help the children to build their basic civic education understanding.


🍀Give children a platform to take part in a procedural exercise. Hopefully through this exercise, they understand the importance of “one person, one vote”.

🍀Re-emphasize the purpose and meaning of respecting national anthems and other patriotic songs like Setia, Jalur Gemilang.

🍀Introduce national leaders: Sultan, Prime Minister & a few key Cabinet members.

🌈A key message to the children is that we should think and act with positive intent to choose a strong leadership team to make Malaysia a better nation.


Tadika Sri Puncak

Mini Election























🍀在班上初选时,有人欢喜有人愁,落选者甚至失望地与我聊天,说:“我知道很多人举手选我,但我的所得票没有Vincy 多,所以我不能当候选人,但Ms Sophie 你知道吗?我自己也选了Vincy,因为她也曾帮助我!”













🍀小朋友落选了,在家里有没有伤心?小朋友回应:“输了也没关系,我可以帮忙当选的Sophia! ”






🍀“我选Koh Xuen是因为她是我的好朋友,她总是帮助我,我也觉得她很漂亮。”

🍀“我们国家的新领导人是Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ,旧首相是Najib,”(爸爸妈妈说:“他们甚至能唸出一长串连我也不知道的马哈迪全名。”)










🍀教唱Setia, Julur Gemilang 等歌曲。