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With children and families spending most of their time at home in our current crisis, this could be an opportunity to help children develop some of these life skills.

1. Peeling the carrot.

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of the diet for children. They provide many of the vitamins and minerals needed to establish and maintain the healthy functioning of the various parts of the body. Let me show you how to peel the carrots first.

2. Ironing the handkerchief.

The best way to introduce our kids to ironing is by helping them do their laundry. Also, please take this opportunity to interact with them and have a bit of fun. Folding laundry could be turned into a social event for our son or daughter and us. Get them their miniature board and iron so that they could iron beside us. Let them begin with handkerchiefs, then proceed to other clothes such as a shirt, trousers, skirt, and dress as they master the skill.

3. Assemble a flashlight or other battery operated.

Children love to learn basic knowledge about how a flashlight, remote control, alarm clock, or mouse work. They also get to practice fine motor skills as they screw and unscrew the cover. They also know the basic introduction to batteries, that batteries have a positive and negative terminal. This appealing and straightforward activity achieves all of these goals.