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The best things to prepare our kids for adulthood

The best things to prepare our kids for adulthood

One of the best things to prepare our kids for adulthood is teaching them how to take care of a home. Chores also teach kids valuable skills they can use when they are all grown and live independently.

Honestly, it would just be easier and faster for mom or dad to vacuum on our own. Does it ourselves, right?


It really would be easier. And faster.


If we did it ourselves, our kids wouldn’t learn. They wouldn’t realise the value of work. They wouldn’t know how to vacuum. We want better for our kids.

So, we drudge through the burden of teaching our kids to clean. And that includes teaching our kids how to vacuum. Awesome!

Benefits of Letting Kids Make Their Own breakfast/lunches

Benefits of Letting Kids Make Their Own breakfast/lunches

Kids need the proper nutrition to grow, and it’s sometimes a challenge to get them to eat the right foods. When food is fun, it goes down much more quickly as kids first tend to eat with their eyes.

Benefits of Letting Kids Make Their Own breakfast/lunches:

1. Gives them a sense of control
2. Boosts their self-confidence
3. Teaches them valuable life skills
4. Makes mornings easier for all parents!

Learning through cooking help to stimulate children’s minds

Learning through cooking help to stimulate children’s minds

Learning to cook helps children to learn about nutrition and healthy eating. They are growing up with fast food and junk food at their fingertips, which is part of the reason why child obesity is on the rise! Teaching kids to cook will help instil skills to last them a lifetime.

If our child needs a boost of self-confidence (and who doesn’t!), cooking in the kitchen will do just that. They are accomplishing a task, learning something important, and contributing to the family.

Cooking also creates family time and bonding. Take time to cook with our children, and they will have memories that they can pass on to their families. It may take a longer time to get the meal or snack made, but the moments with our children will be priceless. (Remember to have patience and don’t worry about flour on the floor or spilt milk).

Kids will be more apt to eat what they make. Perhaps, it is the enthusiasm of creating something themselves, but children will be more likely to eat whatever they had a hand in making.

Cooking is a great way to learn life skills. This activity can be beneficial when kids are on their own and won’t rely on fast food and junk food to sustain themselves.

The Importance of Chores for Kids

The Importance of Chores for Kids

Often parents believe their children are unable to perform basic chores on their own, so they automatically jump in and do everything for them. But this is a big mistake! They should let the kids organize toys themselves and eliminate clutter they made on their own. Although seemingly a little thing, this contributes to forming a child’s personality. It also provides the child with work habits that will facilitate their life in the future!

When children participate in household chores, they learn how to organize their belongings in life. If our children organize toys and put those in the appropriate storage boxes, after play, without our help, it will positively contribute to their personality formation.

The side effect of teaching this well is a tidier house and fewer foot injuries when you step on those little plastic pieces that didn’t make it back in the bin!

Simple Threading Activities for Young Kids

Simple Threading Activities for Young Kids

Threading beads, also known as stringing beads, is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers and one that has numerous developmental benefits. Threading can be a challenging activity that takes a while for a child to master and is very much dependent on their maturity and fine motor development.

The important thing is that your child has regular exposure to threading activities. With time and maturity, he will develop better control and be able to thread smaller-sized beads. Threading is an excellent way to strengthen the finger muscles and learn to control the fingers as they work together.

Developing fine motor skills in childhood is essential if a child is to learn to hold a pencil and write. There is more value in doing pre-writing activities during the preschool years than in teaching a young child to write prematurely. When stringing beads, a child must learn to hold the bead with one hand while controlling the string with the other. Beading is a great way to practice colour recognition.

Visual perception is when the brain makes sense of what the eyes see.


Weaving Should Be Fun!

Weaving Should Be Fun!

Kids learn an easy weaving technique along the way. The method is simple, and materials are essential; they’re fun to make.

“A good life is like weaving. The energy created is in the tension. The struggle, the pull and tug are everything.” – Joan Erikson.